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Natural Insecticides

Natural Insecticides

Why use natural insecticides and repellants?

We are very intentional about the products we use in our home and preschool environment.

What we use will naturally affect the air we breathe, what enters our body through our pores, and what we ingest through our fruits and vegetables.

Below you will find a list of the outdoor repellants and treatment products used in our gardens and yards so your littles are not coming in contact with chemicals or unfriendly bugs in our care.

Note for Preschool Parents:

Children will never be handling these products. This is information is provided for parents’ peace of mind as well as fellow-gardeners with some information on what they can use on their own gardens!

Natural Insecticides and Repellants


We spread this around our yards on a monthly basis. It is made of ground up cedar wood, mainly used for mosquito repellant. The oils from the cedar act as a repellant.


Sluggo is a natural form of bait to keep snails, slugs, and other small creatures out of our gardens.

Medina Orange Oil

We use this special formula of orange oil insecticide to exterminate insects we see.

The following are varying products we use for caterpillar repellant and insecticides- other than our precious monarchs! These each have the same ingredients to kill larvae, worms, and caterpillars.


Summit Caterpillar and Webworm Treatment

Summit Misquito bits

Misquito dunks

Antifuego - Kills fire ants

Eco-Smart Granuals... Kills and repels various things *Active ingredients are thyme oil and clove oil

Safe Products We Use in Our Kitchen

Safe Products We Use in Our Kitchen

Benefits of Gardening with Kids

Benefits of Gardening with Kids