Welcome to our little schoolhouse! We provide children with a healthy, nurturing, organized “home away from home” environment where they can learn, flourish, and be prepared for the years ahead.

Parent Enrollment Checklist

Parent Enrollment Checklist

We are checklist people around here!

We wanted to create something accessible online for parents to refer to when you’re out and about, getting things ready for your child to start with us!

Your child’s records will only ever be accessible to our employed staff, you- the parent(s), and our state licensing rep with TXDFPS.

To complete your file:

  • Completed admission form

  • Signed copy of enrollment agreement (this will be sent back to you in an email)

  • Statement of health from a health-care professional (needs to be dated within three months prior to enrollment date)

  • Immunization and vaccination records and/or notarized affidavit

  • Medication administration form (if applicable)

  • A copy of any health-care professional recommendations or orders for providing specialized medical assistance to the child. (if applicable)

  • Allergy action-plan written out by a health care professional (if applicable)

Additionally, we ask that you consider bringing things to leave at school for the week (if your kiddo is full-time). This will be one less thing for you to lug out of the door each day as well as ensure that your child has the familiar item(s) they need at school. We provide any items you do not see listed here.

Please bring:

  • Washable nap mat (either by washing machine or wipeable with cloth)- Labeled with your child’s name

    • This will go home at the end of your child’s week.

  • 2 Leak-proof cups with your child’s name on it

    • Note: Filtered water will be available to your child at all times throughout the day. We never drink from the tap.

  • Any item that helps sooth your child during rest time

    • Consider purchasing an identical item that can be left at school during the week

  • Diapers (or Pull Ups).

    • If your child will come 4-5 days, consider bringing a pack to keep at school. This reserve will be designated for your child only.

  • Any special kind of sunscreen, diaper cream, baby wipes, milk, or snacks you prefer your child to have over what we provide, labeled with your child’s name.

  • An extra pair of seasonally-appropriate clothes to keep at school, in case of any accident. Please include underwear (if applicable) and socks.

  • Family Picture: It would be great to have beloved faces for your child to hang up in our playroom when we talk about family and community! (This does not need to be a portrait! Just a pic of your fam!)

If you prefer to send your child with these items daily, that is certainly fine. We provide storage for each individual child for your convenience, but it is not mandatory for you to leave these things.

We look forward to answering any questions you have.

You can contact us here, and we’ll get back with you shortly!

We’re excited to partner with your family!

A Parent’s Guide to Interviewing

A Parent’s Guide to Interviewing

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