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Safe Products We Use in Our Kitchen

Safe Products We Use in Our Kitchen

If you read enough, it can start to feel like no food is healthy enough, no soap is clean enough, and no hygiene products are safe. The constant question is: What companies can I trust?

We, as a family and as a child care home care very much about being conscious about what goes in and on our bodies. (Our skin is our largest organ, anyway.)

There are countless documentaries about the everyday things we use around the house and in the kitchen being manufactured with materials that are both convenient and poisonous to us. This is another way we strive to create a safe environment for the people who enter our home.

We use natural soaps, plant-based air fresheners from essential oils, and cook only with materials that are made without PFOA (C-8), BPA, and other harmful chemicals.

Below you will find a list of products we use specifically in our kitchen.

This information is for parents who are curious and for folks who are looking to make a change! This is not a sponsored post. This is just to help give good tried and true recommendations.

For cookware, I use these pots and pans from West Elm.

Even without Teflon, they are easy to clean. They have been tested with heat up to 850º and still do not release toxic fumes or materials.

For BPA-free utensils, I use this set in the navy blue color. Thank you, Jesus and Amazon for 2-day shipping. :)

These work great with the pots and pans, are easy to clean, and it’s a great deal for the amount of utensils you get. They’re great quality, and look great in my ceramic utensil jar from Pottery Barn! (Wedding present, FTW!)

This ceramic griddle (Teflon-free) is great for or pancakes, grilled cheese, and other assembly-line foods.

We were happy to throw our griddle out when we learned about the dangers of Teflon (C-8 and PFOA). This ceramic griddle is very convenient, you can use any cooking oil on it, and it’s easy to store in cabinets!

To clean our dishes, floors, surfaces, and hands we use this line of products from Young Living.

We always get compliments on how the house smells clean with a lemony, orangy, clove smell!

Just to be clear, we don’t play around with germs. Natural remedies go a long way and can tend to take a little longer than other avenues. There are some things that call for the big guns. We do use this to clean toilets, and if symptoms indicate a stomach virus has come into our home, we will use medical-grade cleaner to clean affected areas and ensure germs are killed affectively without children coming in contact with it.

Have questions? We’d love to answer them!

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