Welcome to our little schoolhouse! We provide children with a healthy, nurturing, organized “home away from home” environment where they can learn, flourish, and be prepared for the years ahead.

Sample Meal Plan

Sample Meal Plan

Sample Weekly Menu

We like to know what’s coming so we can prepare, don’t you? At the beginning of each week, we send our parents out a meal plan so they can see what’s cookin’.

If a kiddo enrolls in our program with a food allergy, depending on severity, we either will not have the allergen in our home or we will arrange things so that we are sure the child does not come in contact with it.


Protein pancakes and eggs

Whole grain (or GF) waffles, nut butter, and honey

Broccoli, egg, and cheese casserole

Veggie egg scramble

GF French toast

  • Served with choice of fruit

Snack Examples:


Homemade granola, Greek yogurt, fruit parfait

No bake energy balls

Fruit and veggie (with dip upon request)

Apples and almond nut butter

Apple sauce


Tacos (or taco bowl) and blue corn chips

Fish, couscous, and veggies (We only buy wild caught fish)

Chicken, veggies and rice (Chicken is mindfully purchased)

Cauliflower crust+ uncured pepperoni pizza






Bell peppers

Seasonal berries

* We provide dairy milk with meals or before nap time by parents’ request only.

Parent Enrollment Checklist

Parent Enrollment Checklist

Safe Products We Use in Our Kitchen

Safe Products We Use in Our Kitchen