A Child’s Place to Thrive

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Structured Plan and Flexibility 

Children learn through play. It’s that simple… And fun.

In our home-based program, our preschool philosophy and method is a mixture of Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, and Classical Education. We love for children to develop their areas of interest as well as learn to explore new concepts through tactile learning, conversation, and play. Parents receive a calendar each month of what we will focus on, and we write a daily review for parents to see what the day in the life of the Honeycomb Schoolhouse was like. Parents also receive daily updates and monthly assessments through our LifeCubby app.

We use an age appropriate curriculum to enhance the learning experience for different developmental stages. Research shows children thrive when they’re given a routine that is predictable and engaging with plenty of space to explore within it.

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Playing on Purpose

Children daily engage in different forms of play and activities that will build muscles for fine and gross motor skills. 

Through running, pulling wagons outside, dancing to the teachers’ sweet beats, dramatic play, stretching, and climbing, we’re building balanced, strong bodies. 

Through activities such as play dough and accessories, cutting with round-end scissors, tending in our vegetable garden, painting, rhythm instruments, and puppets, we are building those muscles that help your child in the mechanics of writing and typing their first thesis!



Parents are able to log into our free app to see updates from our teachers on how their child is feeling, eating, and progressing in the day’s activities. Parents can also check-in at any time through secure video streaming.

We have selected the industry’s leading service provider to give parents a chance to check in on their child(ren) at any time and see how and what we’re doing as a group. Studies show that parents are more at least 59 times more productive when they believe their child is in a safe place, and we want to help families be successful!


Non-Toxic Environment 

We believe strongly in maintaining a toxin-free environment. We use essential oil based housecleaners, soaps, insecticides and repellants for our gardens and grass, and are very cautious of the types of materials we cook and eat with. If it smells like fall in our house in the spring, you can thank clove and orange oils for that!  Read more about what we use in our kitchen and what we use in our gardens.