Our preschool house is an environment for families with children who are 18 months old up until we promote them into kindergarten. We partner with families to create a nurturing atmosphere where their children learn the skills to thrive in every area of wellness: social, emotional, mental, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and environmental.

As National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and early childhood development enthusiasts, we stand firmly in our belief that the key to our success as a program is rooted in parent involvement, safety, thoughtful planning, interactive play, consistency, creativity, and excellence. We go the extra mile to cultivate parent-child connection through a secure online video streaming service and a free app where parents receive monthly assessments from our teachers and quick and personal updates on their children throughout the day.

We hope you will stay for a while, learn more about our sweet little school, and see that there is not another place like ours. We’ve looked! We anticipate answering any questions you have, and potentially serving you and your precious ones!

With Love,

Liesel Araoz | Owner, Director, and Lead Teacher