Nutrition and Health

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Our Menu

We provide delicious, home-cooked, natural, balanced breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. We love eating family-style!

We typically have a main course and a selection to choose a side of fruit and/or vegetables.

Older children will be invited to help in food preparation (dumping, scooping, measuring). Being a helper in the process is a fun way for children to grow in many areas as well as sparking an interest to try new foods they’ve seen grow in our garden (see below). A menu is sent to families at the beginning of each month to forecast what we will be serving in the coming weeks.

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Our Garden

Children are given the opportunity to help tend and harvest our vegetable and butterfly gardens. What grows in the garden varies, but the children love rotating “helper” responsibilities with this!

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Our Active Bodies = Active Minds

Our days are organized to have plenty of time to move inside and outside, run, be silly, learn to think critically and creatively, engage with friends or play parallel to them.


Our Whole Health

We prepare food with BPA-free and PFOA- free cooking utensils, pots, pans, and plates (no Teflon) as well as cooking oils that contribute to “good” fats that fuel your body. We wash fruit and vegetables with an essential oil based wash and water.

We diffuse premium essential oils throughout the day in our home for immune systems as well as fragrance instead of using things like fragrance spray or scented wax-based candles.

We strive to be a chemical-free community that relies on health preservation through consistent choices in areas we can control!