Liesel Araoz | Director

My passion for child wellness and development started early. My professional background in related experience includes and is not limited to being a nanny for multiple families, a lead teacher in a standard daycare, and preschool owner/ director/ teacher 2011-2014, mother, aunt, mentor, and volunteer Kid’s Bible teacher for many years. You get the picture. :) When our school was open from 2011-2014, we were chosen for the honor to participate in the University of Texas BEECH research program. 

Having worked in a corporate context for most of my career, I have had a lot of time to dream the kind of preschool and childcare program I would want for the children in my life and community. I got a glimpse in 2012, but as we build the 2.0 version I’m so looking forward to the healthy, intentional growth our school will experience as we move forward. Taking steps to birth this vision has been the most gratifying and rewarding work I’ve ever done, and I cannot wait to see who decides to join us in forming this community of little lifelong learners. 

I have a National Administrator’s Credential, working to obtain my CDA as well as a licensed with the state of Texas as a childcare provider. 

* Each of our staff is CPR and First Aid Certified as well as holding education that far exceeds the TXDFPS Minimum Standards. 


TBD | Lead Teacher

We are enthusiastically searching to fill the permanent position on our team of Lead Teacher to start in August of 2019. This position has creative freedom within our strong team-dynamic and will work closely partnered with our other teacher (above). 

We look forward to finding someone with a passion for children, genuine heart, intelligent mind, excellent communication and observation skills, a deep love and appreciation for cultural diversity in our community, and someone who shares our vision for this schoolhouse. We are committed to support and equip our lead teachers with necessary trainings and certification to uphold our commitment to provide this community with a more rich environment and education than can be found anywhere else.

Contact us today for more information!


The Araoz Crew

We’re a family who strives to love and serve with everything we have. Our strongest passion is being loved by God, loving Him in return, and sharing that love with others.

Anthony has owned and run a successful construction company, Custom Painting, for 20 years as of 2019. He loves telling dad jokes, playing pool, and spending time with family and friends. He is such a gift to us!

When I (Liesel) am not teaching, I’m reading, writing or spending time with people. I love game nights, coffee, and dancing while I cook for people I love. I’ve authored and co-authored several publications, and look forward to launching a blog soon to provide resources for working moms, women entrepreneurs, and mamas of large families- or all of the above! 

Samara is in her zone when she is reading a book, creating something out of an array of supplies for family and friends, riding her bike, or listening to Christian hip hop. She’s loyal, true, inquisitive, intuitive, and has a passion for justice.

Everett is our little man who loves to make any area a dance floor, collector of “Little Blue Truck” books, is a transportation and dinosaur enthusiast, an applesauce connoisseur, gives the best snuggles, and keeps us laughing. He is so excited to make new friends at our new school!

Our family’s profile is included, because our school has been a team effort in every way! These are faces that make this schoolhouse what it is and will be familiar to those who join our school’s community.